Cheapest transport to London city center

Stanstead airport is located about 38 miles (60 kilometres) northeast of London.
From London, Stanstead operates a train called the Stanstead Express. This runs at 15 minute intervals to Central London stations like London Liverpool for around £22. The train journey takes about 45 minutes.
Prices and other tariff information can be found at

Another option is taking the bus service with EASYBUS. When booking over the internet, a return ticket will cost you a maximum of £14. The route to Baker Street takes about 75 minutes.

The bus also connects you with Terravision. A single ticket costs 9 GBP while the return ticket is £14. When booking over the internet you should pay for a return ticket to have the price reduced by about a pound. Bus number A50 travels to London Victoria station and links A51 to Liverpool Station ST. With easy access to any place in the city, the ride takes little over an hour.

Another bus carrier is the National Express (, with which a return ticket to London costs £18.

It is again recommended to buy all tickets in advance on the internet because this is cheaper. Most companies without a glitch exchange tickets for a later or earlier joint so you should not wait in vain upon arrival or you do not have to worry about missing the bus. Stalls of individual bus companies can be found in front of the Stanstead terminal building right outside the exit to the arrival area.
Buses leave from the platform immediately in front of the airport, the path to them is clearly signposted. From the airport building just walk down towards the gate of the lower floor and go right outside in the direction of the bus stops.


In England there are two types of taxis – the official black cab and the chequered cars. The difference between these two services lies in their performance. Cabs are the official taxis licensed by the City and each of their drivers must pass a complicated exam regarding transport around London. Thanks to this, they can park on the official sites at airports and cities by law. In contrast, chequered cars are private companies that provide customer service on-call. In practice, this means that for the chequered car you have to give them a call (or subscribe to an hour) and they will come to collect you at a specified location. Another important difference is the price of the official taxi stand which is 4 to 5 times higher than for chequered cars.

If you want to save on money, then you should consider using black cabs.

There are always plenty around the area, and they can take you anywhere you need to go as long as you pay the price required. If you want to save money, you should consider getting as many people as you can in the same cab to split the cost. If you are travelling alone, then consider getting the cab to a local location, before switching over to the bus or train to get to your final destination. Whatever you choose, you can be sure to save money when you book in advance.