Is an OSI sufficient for a travel doc-related OK TO BOARD message, or should I ask for an SSR CKIN?

Just had an airline insert a message in a couple of bookings with them, for check-in staff at the departure airports, that I’m “docs OK” and can be boarded (it’s a case not clearly addressed in TIMATIC). However, these are only OSIs, not SSR CKINs. From what I know, SSRs are more “binding” than OSIs, […]

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Arriving in hotel after 6 pm after announcing via telephone

In Germany it is common that your hotel room booking is guaranteed until 6 pm. If you plan to show up later, you can give your credit card number beforehand, otherwise your room might be given to someone else. The advantage is that there is no cancellation fee if you don’t show up. Sometimes it […]

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On a multi-city route, is there a limit to the number of people who can book tickets from any one of the cities?

For example, consider a flight from Los Angeles to Moscow via New York. Is there a limit to the number of tickets that can be bought from either Los Angeles or New York? Source:

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What is a “fare component” when buying an airline ticket?

In the terms and conditions for an airline ticket, I have encountered this: Cancellations rules apply per fare component. When combining fares charge the sum of the cancellation penalties of all cancelled fare components. The ticket involves two legs, one directly on the airline, and the next leg is on a code share airline. I’m […]

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Booking Ticket with 2 first Name through travel agents

I am planning to buy a ticket for myself and my fiancee and I noticed that on her passport she has 2 given names and the second name is quite big like 10 letters. She has an american passport It is something Like that Given Names AAAAAA BBBBB-BBBBBBB SurName CCCCCCC I was wondering if it […]

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Staying in Etosha Park, Namibia

I’ve recently contacted Etosha National Park, asking them to book 2 nights at their camping sites for our upcoming trip to Namibia. They’ve quickly got back with a quote, but in order to secure the booking I need to fill out a form, then fax or scan/email it to them. The scary thing is, form […]

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BnB’s in Northern Ireland

I will be driving from Dublin to Northern Ireland and around the coast to Killarney. Can you give me tips about driving? What about just waiting to find a place to stay every day depending on where we are? Is that a problem in May? Source:

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Before you read this question let it be known that this question has been asked before on this site; however, I find that my situation is slightly different then the others. I recently was searching for places to stay in Germany and I found an apartment that I wanted to book. It looked nice and […]

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Flight operator says sold out, codeshare says not sold out

I’m looking to book a trans-Atlantic flight. My options are basically United and Lufthansa; each operates some flights, and each sells tickets on the other’s flights. For one leg operated by United, Lufthansa has a premium economy ticket available on their site, but only if I book as a round-trip (if I try multi-city it […]

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Why can I not book these flights on Air France?

I’m looking to book a multi-city itinerary on Air France, specifically CDG–>KIX (Paris CDG to Kansai International) and KIX–>LHR (Kansai International to London Heathrow). Air France operates flights for both these pairs, and it seems I would be able to book them separately without any issue (though very expensive, of course). However, I can’t book […]

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